Saturday, March 26, 2016

WIP: Tokens for Tyler

Adepticon is just around the corner folks :) This time of year always carrys a lot of deadlines for me. I'm always guaranteed to paint an army for the event along with other, soft score, related items like display boards etc. Not to mention, any projects I can finish in time for the Crystal Brush. A client of mine is playing in the upcoming Age of Sigmar tournament at Adepticon and in the tournament you are required to bring one messenger model, six influence markers, and one banner pole thing. 

The banner pole and messenger model were pretty straight forward and after discussing it with Tyler we decided I'd carve out a hammer and lightning bolt icon to represent his Stormcast and High Elf force. Here is how I made one carving into six, if you too need some influence markers, enjoy!

The finished carving, glued to a base. I also sculpted a little something to break up the hammer from the lightning bolts. 

Next, I made and Insta-mold copy.

Rub some putty in the print...

and shazaam, 5 copies! Ready for paint.

Moving right along :)

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