Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Infinity City Day 2

Day two of the weekend and getting a lot further into the city. Really enjoying the opportunity to spray and mask and spray and mask larger areas :)

I wanted this scenery to reflect a more dirty, industrial area of the infinity universe. The idea was to stick with colors usually found on train cars.

Over the next few work days I'll grab a piece and tend to the details. Black lining, edge highlighting, and maybe even some graffitti if I'm feeling frisky. A half an hour a day for a week of so and they'll all be detailed out.

I also have to do something about the board we'll be playing on. For my place at least, these sheets of foamcore can be cut to size and painted. The excess pieces will provide some nice risers to add the landscape as well. Pro tip: Use every bit!

Stay tuned, the installment of  Ravenwing is up next!


  1. Are those kind of insert bought/added to the cans? If so, where can i get them?