Saturday, July 2, 2016

For Sale! For charity!

I have to say life has been pretty good to me. Lately I've put a lot more focus on my painting "career", making youtube tutorials, instagramming, attempting to post blog entries every other day. All of that has been working out very well, almost as if the more I put into it the more I get out of it. Maybe I can use that attention to benefit more that just myself.  Recently I was made aware of a situation that a friend of a friend is in. Her name is Jenny and you can get the full story, and maybe donate here, skip a beer, or a coffee for one day. It's a sad situation and I wanted to donate. I feel like I've passed on other opportunities where I could have helped. As people we all do, sometimes you don't have the time or the resources. So, in the spirit of giving, I put this model up for auction with the proceeds going towards getting Jenny a lung transplant. A person's life is in the balance and I feel like I would regret not trying to help.

Thanks for reading and for the support.

Go to Ebay and add him to your collection today :)

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