Sunday, September 25, 2016

Private Coaching at the Rodge Lodge

Last week I took a drive north to Wausau for some private coaching. A slightly more condensed lesson focussing on the airbrush. Rodge is no slouch when it comes to getting things done and I'm looking forward to seeing what he starts doing after this lesson.

The cabinets behind us were filled with painted models, a few full armies with nearly each model being a conversion. Most impressive wutang style.

Rodge is also one of the masteinds behind the local convention Waaghpaca and as well as cohosting the Pointhammered podcast he's recently taken a chair for an episode of Personal Flashpaper. The man does work!

To start off I had Rodge watch me basecoat the Azrail for my upcoming haqquislam army. It came out smoothly but I think I'll add a little moldy ochre from p3 to the mix to get a warmer tone of green.

Below you can see what you must master, the art of dillution, double action levers, and tiny dots.

After Rodge completed that step we worked on some chaos knights to go over techniques again and with a different color. During this I forgot about my phone as the painting came to the forefront.

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