Friday, September 30, 2016

Mista Snaaaaakes!

Another Orruk for my personal collection! Nicknamed Mista Snakes but actually the name came before the model during a paint jam with my buddy Jeff. Paint jams can be like long drives sometimes complete with the side effect of dumb jokes being especially funny and fully fleshed out. This model provided some interesting experiments, a chance to freehand texture on the hyde and a really saucy opportunity for some OSL.

The only drawback about all the negative space on this model is I had to leave some parts separate until later stages of painting. Not so bad usually but some of the seams need filling before painting..Anyway, he wouldn't be Mista Snakes if he was just a regular Orc, he needed snakes!

He came along swiftly, I had been planning this piece for a while in advance and the scheme was already laid down on the Brute I painted in the past.

What have I been listening to? Pseudogod

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