Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Private Coaching in the Windy City

Following my excursion to Wausau I headed down to Chicago for some more private coaching with my buddy, Mark Maxey, this time over a two day period. Mark has been doing some great work on various Chibi miniatures so our lesson focussed on just that.

We also had some assistance from the ever cuddly and cute Tugg the pug. Who mostly kept our feet warm and alerted us to cars passing by..I fucking seriously love pugs.

I brought along a selection of finished projects to use as reference to convey my wacked out theories on composition in its many forms. Our figures got to know eachother.

Mark brought out some of his various projects for some feedback. I'm always impressed by his color choices and eye for cinematic light sourcing. I'll have to do more diorama work in the near future, this piece in particular was full of little details, very inspiring and all in chibi style. 

It was a great weekend and working in the chibi medium as with all the different styles, brings out a slightly different paintjob. I'll finish her off back home and send it Marks way.

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  1. Chibi is a deceptively hard genre to pull off. i have much respect for those that try and even more for those who can do it consistently :)