Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Mini's WIP Madness

Here's where I left off after last nights painting session. I'm hoping after tonight He'll be ready for some finishing touches. The idea with the metals is to paint a good base of the second brightest color I'm using and then glaze in successive shadows much like the technique Scibor uses on their figures. I used that technique on his skin and it's looking pretty good so far, not finished but close enough to paint in the rest of the model. 

I should mention he's a 54mm model but a dwarf so he ends up being about an inch and a half from his base to the tip of the mohawk. Neat, here's a link to Scibor's version (,shop.php?art=628#i/54mm/big/sigurt_the_slash_01.jpg) After he's complete I plan on adding some tattoos covering the left half of his body. Kind of like these. Hmm looks like they went for the tattoos as well.

While I was working on the Dwarf I was simultaneously prepping some E-bay sales. I'm drumming up another Grey Knight Librarian and a Sanguinary Priest. I doubt I'll be able to finish them very soon but every bit helps. 

Here's the base for the Librarian, I had fun on the last one with small freehand designs and this time I added the pattern to a tile floor base.

The Figure itself is coming along. He's a bit of an experiment. With the last knight I painted I based the shadows on a blue tint. This time I wanted to see what a purple tint would look like. Purple and Gold looks good on a wind suit so why not on some tactical dreadnought armor?

He looks a little goofy right now but I'm going to see him through. I think the dark purple will contrast nicely once the other elements of his armor are painted in with warm and bright colors.

Well back to my night with a dwarf, mermaid, orc shaman, and a geisha girl.

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