Saturday, December 10, 2011

Necron HQ's Ready to Serve (Pain)

Here are the Necrons I finished off earlier this week. They're safely on their way to Switzerland at the moment. It was very fun working with the true metallics but man they are hard to photograph. 

First we have Imotek the Stormlord. This model was the first (and hopefully last) finecast model I've ever painted and modelled. My heart goes out to Matt Fontaine for his close look into his trial and tribulations with finecast. Check out his Chronicles here:

I was lucky to get a decent cast on try number 2. I should add that Gw replaced the parts I needed in good time.

The Command Barge was a different story and went together very well. I really like the look of this model with the Necron lord riding high.

Since this was a Christmas gift for a younger and newbie to the hobby I thought I should make the Lord removable and with a separate base. Hopefully the little guy gets more mileage out of his gift this way.

I was also asked to list a way to recreate a similar scheme for the rest of the army.

Basic scheme:

Metals- Vallejo oily steel basecoat followed by and wash of badab black then a thinned down wash of asurmen blue. Highlight with mithril silver.

Turqoise- Hawk turquoise wash with asurmen blue. Highlight with a 50/50 mix of skull white and hawk turquoise.

Yellow- Iyanden darksun washed with devlan mud. Highlight with bleached bone.

Green- scorpion green washed with thraka green. Highlight with scorpion green then a second highlight with a 50/50 mix of scorpion green and sunburst yellow.

Base- Bestial brown drybrushed with graveyard earth then a drybrush of bleached bone. Wash with devlan mud.

That should do it :) Good luck on the rest of the army Christophe!

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