Monday, December 5, 2011

Knight of the Obliterated Table

Oh haha what a funny title...

He's off to the races:

Good fun with True metallic metals. It was a challenge to control the metallic paints in the same way you can non metallics. Then Photograph them, I see why many pro's use Non Metallic techniques.

Yesterday was a great day for painting, I finished off all the Nercon commissions and the Knight up top. I was still motivated though so I got an early start on this weeks objectives.

My plan for the week is this, finish Ezekiel here, a Ravenguard Captain, begin my Dad's Christmas mini, and start up a big big project starting from the ground up. I almost forgot, I have some tabletop quality space wolf terminators to rock out as well. There's also this week's personal project Friday which is a day I'm growing to love more and more.

Here's that Ravenguard Captain as he was sent to me.

Oh precious resin, save us from finecast.

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