Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buffing up the Stormraven

Ok following a hard drive crash I'm back in action. It was a literal crash as a dog knocked it off a couch. Anyways, I've been up to the usual as I waited on the diagnosis.

Here's a project I was assigned before the dark day. A local player asked me to add some freehanding to his Stormraven. It is themed after a story from the Blood Angels codex, something about a Stormraven dubbed "the Red Glory" playing it's part to kill swathes of Orks...If you know me you know this does not sit well. Pun intended, the Orks are my Boyz.

Anyway on to the show. Here she is with some masking tape and milliput on the base. I had already added a little airbrush work at this point.

Next I added the freehanding. A banner with "The Red Glory" written on it, a scorpion's tail on the rear fin, a little Blood Angels emblem and some yellow scrollwork.

So there you have it, a little something extra on that centerpiece. I'm also proud of my self for making this whole post without a single mention of Xzibit or any "pimping" bullshit.

Next up is a 3 man unit of Dark Eldar Reavers :)

Well, they're done now but I have a weeks worth of photos to throw around so enjoy that little teaser until next time :)


  1. Did you free hand the Blood Angel emblem? If so, awesome job! I think alot of the GW models gives so much open space to allow creative use your free hand skills, it is good to see you expand out in that area.

  2. I did :) Thanks Tom, Hopefully I'll see you at Adepticon!

  3. I will not be going, but I will get the down-low from Eric and Adam. Good luck to you though! Let me know if you want to use anything...