Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Display boards a plenty

I sat, crouched, leaned, stood, and dug with Brother John this Sunday. I had a tall order, complete 2 boards for Kevin and jazz up my own. John had one on deck for his Crimson Fists. So here we gooo.

First a group shot of all the boards in various stages of progress.

Here's a good example of something simple. Both of these were made with soil, pva glue, and a few assorted kits. Also a helping of grass.

Here's a little more advanced piece. Not complete but John's been making progress since Sunday. 
Looking good so far though :)

I've also started a unit of Fennblades for my Trollbloods. I'm trying to squeeze out one more unit before Adepticon.

At this point I'm about to work up the metals. Here's a little shot of the colors I plan to use.

9 days left, are you ready yet?


  1. no I'm not ready for Adepticon yet! 9 days....? bugger.... :P

    Those display bases are looking rather interesting though. Are they going to be a foundation for a diorama or a display stand for your army to be placed on?

  2. Very cool mate.. and liking the idea of using picture framing for the borders.. might have to steal that idea for my own .. and then also make my own first :)
    Good luck on getting ready for Adepticon!

  3. Thanks guys, those are all for me and buddies various armies. They'll be holding up Deathwing, Dark Eldar, Eldar, and Crimson fists :)