Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Finished! Ork Warboss

Of the Goff variety :) This was a nice mini to paint quickly and experiment on a bit. I kept the scheme simple to speed things up. What I wanted to play with was toning the black and green with alternate colors in the shadows. Such as blue to compliment the green skin and a slight amount of deep red mixed in to warm up the black. The underlying scheme being a play on the red, white, and blue combo. Just toying with subtleties :)

In conclusion I should have taken pictures from a higher angle, I'm not happy with the skin in the pictures. I also should have added more blood..always more blood. Love him better than me here.

I'll get it right the next time.


  1. Really nice job. The base is fantastic and really helps showcase the warboss. The highlights on the skin and leathers are especially good.