Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Preppin

I've had many projects on the table recently. Now if I could pick a single one and finish it, that would be great. So It's off to the races, here are your contestants.

A grand burrito of Nurgle sausage, would you believe what is pictured is only half the story? Oh, you play 40K? So it's not hard to believe. One hundred more models please!

An hour and a half of power with a crummy Heroclix figure. I think I can make him better, stronger, more detailed :)

Three more crisis suits for the greater good. This groups themed bases were requested to be rushing rapids :) I'll be diving (ba-ha!) into some water effects once I've scrubbed the skin off them.

There is an order to the chaos and that is today's plan.
 Pro tip: Keep it varied and don't bore yourself.

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