Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIP Wet & Wild Tau Wrisis Wuits

The latest Tau project is coming along nicely. Mainly because my experiment worked. I was tasked with creating some bases that  were in a river rapids theme. Although the water looks like a swimming pool it's the future so deal with it. 

I started off by cutting some strips out of a blister pack I had lying around, cut it to various sizes and twisted up the remains. Then began the slow process of gluing down the waves. I wanted them to be flowing in the same directions and breaking on the debris.

Next I applied some modpodge tinted with some turquoise. Once that was dry I started to add some water effects from Vallejo

It will take a few layers and a little white paint to tint the gel to make it look proper. The gels dries pretty clear so a little paint helps it hold more of a shaving cream like color.

The suits aren't half bad either. They were assembled in crazy poses by my client :)

And if I have anything to do with it, these will be finished. Today!


  1. Nice dynamic poses on the suits and the bases look great :)

  2. Thanks My Dudes! More more more! :)