Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cast of Bases

As I've said before, my personal project lately has been jumping into Infinity. More commonly the basing in Infinity represents a sci-fi urban setting or other similar themes, not so much wilderness, so I decided to do more than glue dirt to my bases. After spending some time building the bases for my first wave from plasticard a couple years ago, I had always thought I'd cast my own in the future. Our gaming group would also have something to fall back on. I put these together and with the casting abilities of Brother John to help me, I now have set of 10 bases at my disposal.

Showing them off is my second wave of Nomads. All prepped and now with bases, ready for painting. If I ever have time.

Yes, the keen eye will notice the Jaguar on the left, one base remains to be cast. Must have been switched after multiple copies ;)

I'll get back to the Trollbloods next time so, as always, stay tuned!

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