Thursday, July 14, 2016

WIP Stormwall Part 3 (white lines)

It's a long road when you can see every step ahead of you. But in order to get this model past the shitpoint I had to embark on that long, white, mazelike highway. I wanted to capture more of a reagal look befitting of cygnar. Not wanting to mess with symmetry I pulled my focus back and decided to add the spirals and swirls to specfic armor plates. My past employment at a tattoo shop designing stars and swirls definitely paying off here.

Once the mile of so of ivory lines were laid out, I set about the first of three series of highlights. Which were then battle damaged with a shred of foam.

I also started the electricity banks. A rough sketch that will come together with some more highlighting and washing.


  1. Amazing!! I´ll love to see how this project unravels!!

    Can you post the recipe to achieve this amazing blue colour??


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  3. Awe man that looks great . gonna be a beautiful piece can't wait to see the finished product