Friday, August 19, 2016

Finished! Cygnar Stormwall

Big Blue in all his finished glory.

I've blabbed enough about this guy in the numerous WIP posts I put up before Gencon. At this point, he's safely on his way to Canada. Safe travels Blue, you're my boy.


  1. Hey Sam, Let me start of by saying your work is truly awe-inspiring. I love the attention to every detail you (and other masters of the craft) put into each and every piece. That being said, I have been watching many videos of yours, PaintingBuddah, Atom, etc and have gotten the urge to start painting again (haven't since about 1992ish). My question is how ambitious would you recommend for my first few projects? Watching all the videos has filled me with a (false) sense of ability, but I'm afraid of being disappointed in my work due to lack of experience and just ending in frustration. I'd like to start with more realistic goals in mind... should I just stick to basic washes/dry brushing, or go big or go home and go for color modulation and blending? Any advice would be appreciated, I used to love painting and building.


    1. Hey Chris! I'm glad you're getting back into the hobby. I would recommend a simple start. Experiment but have simple goals in mind.. The techniques are all relative and I think you said it when you mentioned basic washes and dry brushing. Although I'd add edge highlighting in there. Also, a simple color scheme so you can focus on a 3-5 tones. Use a color wheel as well to get your color theory cooking right off the bat. To practice blending, get some watercolor paper and play with the paint on that. Practicing on a larger surface is much easier than blending on a mini. Let me know how it goes!