Monday, August 1, 2016

Leading to Gencon

At the end of this week, I'll be heading down to Gencon. I can't wait but need the time in between to polish off some projects. I took the weekend off (sorry for the delay in posting) in order to build the creative  juice back up. I've been painting like a madman and sometimes a little time away is just what the doctor ordered. The doctor likes gin on the weekends too so I followed suit.

Today, I spent wrangling in the Trollblood battlegroup I've been working on.

I also did a wee bitty sculpture of a bunny, which will find his place later tomorrow. See you soon patches!

The night is young and my mission for this evening will be to re-examine the khador 'Jack I painted a month ago. I think his banner has something to learn from the Teknes banner I painted for the last Crystal Brush. The Grolar was rushed a bit as I was flexing hard for competition season. Now it's time for a little patience.

What have I been listening to? The P-Funk of course!

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