Sunday, August 28, 2016

Private Tutoring With the Man in Blue

Sorry for the radio silence all. I was busy guy over the last three days. I took part in my first one on one paint coaching over the weekend. 3 days of instructing with my new friend, Bob. He came to me as a blank slate and I hope I've imparted some knowledge through the chaos. We had a lot of ground to cover and still much more to go. But the weekend marked a big turning point for me, I've wanted to teach/inspire and thanks to Bob, I've taken that first step. I didn't even get a picture of us together. Well, I did but it was at the bar and probably not my most flattering angle ha. Instead I present a collection of images from the course. He was completely new to miniature painting and wanted to get started on the right foot. Many techniques were demonstrated and I was very impressed by his ability to learn.

Wet blending, lining, edgehighlights, washes, blending, contrast, color theory, airbrushing, order of operations, I tried to cover all the basics. Now that it's said and done. I can't wait for more! My next excursion will be in mid September and if you want me to come to your town, book a class now :) You can also come here ;)


  1. That is super cool! What a way to start the hobby!

  2. Sam, where do you have details on booking a class?

  3. Same question as Ryan, I'd do a weekend class :)