Monday, August 8, 2016

Return From Castle Gencon

Gencon is always whirlwind and this year was no exception. The whole city changes and the sideshow blows through every year. Id like to hear what someone shoslived in Indianapolis for the last 10 years has to say about Gencon.

All that prepping for the P3 contest really paid off. I walked away with three best in category awards. I also have to appreciate the Murphy's law in getting a bronze with the piece I felt over confident about ha-ha. The feedback there was valid and it's easy to get lost comparing your work to other pieces, but when the dust settles the lesson is always the same, learn and improve.

I also didn't fare too badly in the MHE contest. Unfortunately I was snubbed out of the rainbow brush by a clerical error. The error being I had to read the rules to the person taking entries to explain that I did qualify and was still left out. The theme being Muslim tolerance this year focused on Islamic contributions to society. Miniatures depicting chemistry, science, and astronomy to name a few. The clerk (?) was under the impression it had to be a miniature of an Arabic person...I clarified that point by opening up the rainbow brush rules online and he said ok. Most every question asked was answered with an "I don't care". Pretty shitty but when Marike found out about the mistake she kindly gifted me on of the pieces she painted for the winners :) What I take away from this experience is the painting community is a caring one. Maybe the guy was tired. A real sweet and sour experience ha.

But the coolest award I've received. One of a kind and painted by a master of the art. 

Congrats Y'all!

On to the loot!

The fat demon was a gift from my buddy Nick, more on that big daddy later. I smell a diorama.

Loot I didn't even know I had, my kickstarter for The Others arrived as well!

A big congratulations to Kat Martin for winning Grandmaster this year. Her, Tom, and I realised we were the last three winners so we took a picture. Tom, being the saint that he is, bought the meal for her whole table. Props! Both of ya!

Now I'm back and I headed to the woods I frequented as a child. The financial benefits of these awards will give me some free time to paint on the easel again. I'll never stop miniature painting but I want to expand my illustrative skills again.



  1. Congratulations, glad the con went well except for the mix up.

  2. Congrats on the well deserved wins! excited to see what you come up with on the skarre bust

    1. It was great talking to you Chris. I'll get around to that bust in time..Man, so many projects!

  3. Are your plans to paint The Others box? I was super excited to get that game as well!