Monday, November 1, 2010

The end and the beginning

Well I finally got around to photographing Njal and he's standing in front of one of the new backgrounds I painted up. I made some with warm colors and one with cool colors to start and I plan on doing more of the spectrum of the respected temperatures. I also wanted something darker as the white on blue has gotten old to me. So brace yourself for new backgrounds in the upcoming photos on this blog. Here we see a cool Njal on a warm background to create a little more pop.
I also threw him up on coolminiornot for some merciless judgement, you can vote here if you dare,'ve also managed to finish a unit of dryads I intend to auction off on ebay. I'm pleased with the way they came out considering how much time I spent on them, having no idea how popular wood elves are right now I'm curious to see how they do, I'd probably be better off painting a blood angels or space wolf hq but I did just have the dryads laying around and that fantasy project has been long abandoned so I figured I'd liquidate them into hard silver pocket change. Note that new background!
These were a fun change from all the power armor I've been doing lately, having deviated from the usual grey and brown I see dryads done in they remind me of swamp thing in the end, which is better than vegetable monster which I was thinking halfway through. Well back to the grind, next up more power armor but of the artificer kind, 11 sanguinary guard. I also have a load of work in progress pictures I should have up sooner than later.

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