Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sanguinary guard take flight and Harthrod takes the warp

Here are the completed sanguinary guard units along with and extra banner and an auxillary model. I have to say I'm quite pleased with the way they came out. I've also painted some more backgrounds for my photos, here's unit 1.
I took a little more time on the second unit so I could add some close ups and some better views :)
and just in case you want a plasma gun there's this guy, the banner is for an honor guard unit.
I'm not sure why these came out so red...

So I also wanted to re-shoot an older model of mine that I felt wasn't living up to his potential. So I sank an hour or so of painting into him to spruce him up, mainly the eye on his axe, and while I was working on him I thought of a fitting back story.
"Harthrod has long ago lost the battle of will between himself and the gift bestowed upon him by his patron god. His body and lifeless eyes are nothing more than a physical extension of the demon bound in his axe, wading in and out of the warp and through time, from one blood bath to the next"


  1. Those Sanguinary Guard look fantastic and great back-story for Harthrod.

  2. Thanks man, I've always like the idea of gold space marines since my brother painted an rtbo1 marine solid gold when I was a kid.

  3. hey samson could u email me cranberrymuffinman@gmail.com and tell me your particular method for the streaks in ur power weapons they came out great for the sanguinary guard