Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scenery party part 1

So sure you can have a great army inside and out but what about your battlefield? Lately most of us in my gaming group have been painting our armies with a renewed dedication to having a completely painted army. It's great, I'd best describe it as going full nerd! We also scoff at the amount of money some of this pre-made scenery costs and the quality as well. When the tedium of painting tiny models saps your spirit try making something abstract to jive up your painting mojo. A change of scenery is what you need :)

Over the weekend I went to my brother's house with my girlfriend to have a sunday night scenery party. I brought a big box of junk I've been collecting as well as some handy tools and my airbrush. Our friend Mike joined up with us, contributing a 12 pack, and we set to it.

First up is a building my brother was pulling together. It's made from some empty staple boxes he grabbed form work, some pvc, bendy straws, granny grating and one deceased tape deck.
It's all rusted up and ready for some masking and a paintjob, hopefully john finishes this during the week, I really want see it completed.
Mike threw together a classic statue piece that you can do with any model, I think it looks great especially for his first piece. I helped him fill the gap at the bottom and plan to paint it up real soon. 
My girlfriend Brittny also had a go at her first piece of scenery and some airbrushing. I'm really thrilled about the piece she made, unfortunately I don't have any decent shots of where it wound up but I'll be including finished pictures in part 2 when everyone gets their stuff done. In the meantime here are some in progress pictures.
Very nice ; )

So maybe you guessed that I didn't take much of my own stuff because I was too busy tracking everyone else's progress. I did manage to get one off at the very start.
not much, just a melted smoke detector and a fanblade for now, later it will become a cooling system for some sort of underground complex ; )
I also had a piece laying around all primed and ready for paint for a while now and I was happy to get a start on it.
The plan for next weekend is to paint a new table with some zazz, we'll see how far we can get. There are always real life disasters that can happen at any moment. If you see this creature, detain it at all costs.

What is it? An inside out pidgeon? No doubt the most recent crime against nature to walk off of plum island.

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