Friday, December 3, 2010

Lamentors wip and winter madness!

Here's a Lamentors dreadnought was commissioned to paint a few months ago, recently the same guy handed off 20 out of print terminators to be painted up as Lamentors as well. These old models remind me of the days of yore, when I was young enough to not only have no idea about the rules but also would play "warhammer" in a sand box. It was bass ass one guy had tyranids and we'd dig labyrinths in the sand...

 So it's been fun painting them up over the last few days, I wanted to post a few in progress shots before I finish off the project. Right now they're just about ready for some battle damage. I think first I'll wash the lower half of the checker patterns with some thinned down badab black. It worked well on the helmets which were painted with 2 thin layers of white and then some codex grey was brushed into the shadows followed by a wash of badab black. They still need highlighting but I save that for after the batteldamage.
The colors are a little muted because I simply auto leveled the picture, I'll take decent ones once they're all finished. here's a picture of the whole group I took while going about the task of freehanding the Lamentors symbol on all 20 of their shoulder pads.
and while we're at it let's look at the myriad of distractions that lie just inches away.
There's a unit of wyches hanging around that I finished assembling last night along with plenty more naked plasitc and metal. We'll see if I keep my tiny men can protect sanity through this winter, which just hit by the way, I do live in Wisconsin after all. Here's what it looks like around 4:00 when it starts getting dark.
Yes I'm thinking it too, time to mow the lawn...


  1. I really like the color for the Dreadnought! What is the main yellow? I'm thinking of doing a Lamentors force after I finish my Red Scorpions army.

  2. great looking stuff. I really like the weathering you did on that Dreadnought!

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  4. @ Johnny Foodmaster, I'm not quite sure, it was a mix of golden yellow and graveyard earth, just go for a good dijon mustard color. After the base was mixed I just added sunburst yellow to it and for the edge highlight I used bleached bone. I was going for more of a pastel muted yellow instead of the brighter yellows to make them different from imperial fists. Hope that helps ;)

  5. That does help. I think I'll start to try and mix up a color.