Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter reference photos

Over the weekend brother John and I ventured out on lake winnebago. I brought out my camera and snapped some really cool reference photos (pun intended!). Here I am being totally awesome among the ice shoves. Ice shoves are caused by the lake thawing and freezing throughout the winter months. I couldn't believe how beautiful it all was, so many cool tones, the perfect area for a model to strike static pose.
I also grabbed some shots of the surrounding foliage in the dead of winter.
A very inspiring outing indeed. We had so much fun over the weekend, the next day we attached a toboggan to the back of brother John's 4 wheeler and I rode it for 6 miles! My ass is still sore, I think falling off at 20 mph, which happened a lot because I felt the need to surf, and being engulfed in a cloud of ice as your momentum pulls you across the snow was the best part. Or maybe haging on to the rear an "water skiing" with nothing but you boots! I inhaled a large dose of exhaust doing my trademark man of steel, you do this being dragged on your stomach and then letting go and taking flight across the snow.

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