Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a table making Sunday

 I think sundays to nerds is like 4:20 to stoners. It seems to me that a majority of gaming circles meet on sundays, I haven't done any research but since I'm typing it on the internet, count it as a fact. In my last post I noted that we're finishing armies and scenery but there was still a problem, a problem in the form of an over textured chunk of plywood apparently painted with grey and khaki enemas but I can't remember for sure.

After brother John sanded it down a bit I started by wet blending a few layers of greens and browns, some tonal variety counts for a lot so I made sure to use as many different colors I could get my hands on. I wanted it to have some dimesion instead of just stippling on the same combination across the board. here are some shots of how it began. This was very fun and I'd recommend it to anyone, especially the guy who hates his miniature paint jobs. "Look buddy, you can be as messy as you want!"
As I went I discovered it's easiest just to squirt the paint right on the table. I set a fan blowing on the table and let everything dry. Then I tore up some paper, laid it down so it was leading away from the darker pits I left in the table and with the airbrush fanned paint away from the torn edge. once the base design was intact I sprayed on more texture but made sure to intersect the previous lines to create more of a cracked mud look. Then I lined out some of the edges and insides of craters.
It looks good for now but I want to try painting some grass on with some flick of the wrist drybrushing. I'm pleased with it so far though and I can't wait to play some games on it. We laid down some scenery and models and chittered away like little kids about making battlereports a backdrop and so on :)
Those are brother Johns crimson fists, keep it up! I also snapped a picture of the cooling unit I semi posted last time.
Well it's time to shoot some Lamentors which will compose my next post. I leave you with a familiar image of many sunday nights.
( identity has been witheld for comedic value )

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  1. Twas a good night indeed. Can't wait to fight some messy and bloody battles on that bad boy. Hell of a job as always Sam.