Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My week off

So christmas is this weekend and because everyone else is on vacation I've decided to take the week and paint for myself. Before I share those projects I'm happy to say I finished the armageddon diorama from my last post. I'm happy it is over, this model was a nightmare to assemble. Once I had all the seperate pieces painted I very patiently watched them turn into a bunch of leporous glue nubbed space marines (calling something a spacemarine is an insult in my book) but all was not lost and I patched up the work I had undone and smashed this piece of junk with a hammer. Here's the end result :)
So with that out of the way and the pre-christmas week ahead of me I decided to do some painting for daddy. There's a tournament at my local store on jan 15th which gives me plenty of time to finish off my army. I got a start on these kommandos on sunday, they'll be rolling in behind enemy lines with Snikrot.
There's also a little showdown with a barbarian happening this week, I got him for my birthday (nov. 29) and have slowly worked him up to his present state. I have to admit the skin tone was inspired by street fighter 4. next week I'll be painting up snikrot followed by 6 slugga boyz the next week and finally a display board just in time for the tournament. That'll give me a fully painted 1500 point ork army and a fine dish to serve up the pain. 

I've also decided on most of my adepticon crystal brush entries, not much painting done yet but they're coming along
The chaplain is the closest to the finish line at this point and I did manage to finish a piece but I can't share it because I'd be spoiling someone's christmas gift so more on that after the holiday.

Happy holidays!

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