Thursday, December 9, 2010

19 Lamentors terminators finished!

I finally got around to photographing those lamentor terminators. It was pretty daunting to face down 19 freehanded lamentors symbols but once that was over with I was in the clear and able to finish them in a rapid succession. I've noticed once a newer style of painting is applied to these older models they don't look quite as funny. The bright and clean style of the past has given way to a more realistic style for now with all the light sourcing and weathering going on but who know where miniature painting will go?
I've also shot a quick photo of a project that's been sitting for a little while. Now that I have these 19 guys out of my way I'll have more time for some of the single miniature projects I have coming up.


  1. Those termies bring back some memories of flipping through the Rogue Trader Manual... where did the checkboard patterns go?

    Nice work on the Iwo Jima diarama. The highlights on the Ultramarine look fantastic.

  2. Thanks! I miss every army having checker patterns and thin flames, also ultramarines with leopard skins.