Friday, November 5, 2010

Gold Man 40k

I went to the hardware store today in search of and attachment that would let me adjust the pressure of my air compressor. I know, I'll only bring $30 in case I go to the nearby hobby store afterwards and blow all the money in my wallet. A mere $31.99 and I could have the final piece I need. So back home I went to grab the twenty I had second thoughts about earlier and bought the attachment, Finally! I went home and experimented on a Khorne lord mounted on a juggernaut I've been commissioned to do. 
I painted some silver to break up the red and he still has a long way to go but I'm happy with him so far. I also haven't decided to go more orange or pink with the highlights. Between coats I kept plugging away on the sanguinary guard which are coming around the bend. The bases are almost complete and everything has a base color with the exception of the black which I've already started to highlight.
I've also been working on a model for myself, I thought he was almost done but inspiration hit and I couldn't leave him on a regular base milling about with everyone else at ground level. So I grabbed the base from another project, although it's a step back I think this base adds a lot more to the model, I'll  be able to do something with water draining off the base now as well which I've wanted to try for a while now : )
Still a lot of work to do on him and the new dark eldar are just around the corner...

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