Saturday, October 8, 2011

Khador Battlegroup WIP part 2

I got to put some time in today on the Battlegroup. Here are the Warjacks after some basecoating. 

Once I had the metals out of the way it was time for some fun. I mixed up a few shades to do the highlights by mixing Blood Red, Blazing Orange, and Skull white. The trouble with red is it either gets too orange or too pink when you start highlighting it. I was able to achieve a nice salmon color with the above mix.

Here they are with some brushwork :)

Commander Sorscha is coming right along with them.

My plan for tomorrow: Attend a pancake breakfast in my home town, then finish these guys off and send them to the wilds of E-Bay. We'll see what kind of majic I can conjure up. I'm confident I can accomplish tomorrow's goals. But tonight, I am finished. 

Now it's off to the local Metal Show!

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