Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WIP log

Yet another painting jam with my pal jake :) enjoy!

Jake as usual to our tea parties brought some in progress pieces to discuss. He's been working on a squad of plague marines steadily and after I donated a set of kneeling legs last time he brought along the result.

Jake has deeply felt the taint of chaos lately. He's also been modelling up a Chaos Lord from a yet to be determined renegade legion. I suggested the Red Corsairs.

Look closely at this guy, there are some interesting bits added into the mix. 

And finally he brought a rough mock up of what he was planning to do with a massive Wyvren by Reaper. So far so good. I suggsted he turn it into a diorama. A little Bilding up of the front corner and you could fit the hero in. Valiantly defending his stash of vintage pewter Citadel models. 

I was working on something that I've saved for another post mainly. But I did manage to do something I can show you lately. As you might know I've chosen to get into Warmachine/Hordes (Whoremachine?) lately and I chose the Trollbloods as my first warband. So far I've painted Madrak and a Diretroll Blitzer. Both of these won Gold Medals at the P3 contest during GenCon. So this kind of sets a standard for the rest of my army to come...Here are some in progess shots of my next addition, Janissa Stonetide. Enjoy!

Here she is bare and prepped. The base looks like it's covered in cocaine but it's baking soda. I somehow misplace a small bucket of dirt in my room (?) and needed something to fill in.

You can see the mess in my mind by examining the wet pallet.

And here she stands watch over the block, 2days ago when the sun still lived here.

Completed pictures coming soon! Oh Boy!

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