Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Khador Battlegroup WIP

Brother John and I hung out the other day and I grabbed a Khador Battlegroup he got at Adepticon. These are the first Warmachine models I'll have painted, oh boy! 

For Sorsha's base I added some clipped and melted pieces of clear plastic. I'll keep them masked off for most of the process. Also the bag with all of Sorscha's parts was missing her backpack, I didn't want to stop and call Privateer Press and then wait for a new piece so I converted one for her. I still have to call them though, my box of Fennblades is missing a set of arms. This doesn't look good for PP, I've opened 2 boxes of their plastics so far and both have been missing a part...

Just a moments detraction from painting my combat patrol ;) I'm happy to say I've finished the Wyches at this point, I'll have pictures once some more units are finished.

More on these Commies later.

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