Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nurgle Demon Prince WIP update

At the moment I've been painting away on this guy. My blogging has been slowed a bit because I'm in the process of moving. 

Here are some pictures showing the final layer of sculpting.

I should have an update on him ready soon. So far so good :)

I'm planning on a color scheme similar to the one I did on Morphus recently.http://www.coolminiornot.com/289038?browseid=1505005

I'm going to try to photograph my Dark Eldar combat patrol tonight. It did very well on it's second test this weekend. I won overall champion by 1 point over Brother John. It's a bittersweet win because my painting helped bump my points up competitively. My Win Loss ration was pretty even, 2 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie. Granted the losses weren't by many points and the two games I won I won moximum points on. A few more tweaks and I think my list will be ready for Adepticon. 

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  1. Nice conversion. Good to see another good converter/painter from Wisconsin.