Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wadder ye doin' wiv yeeer bits?!

This Saturday, in the spirit of Halloween, my local store is running a zombie hunting style game of 40k. We have no idea what we're up against, we only know to bring a troops choice of 150 points or less. So I decided I should whip up something for the zombies side for funzies.

Enter the Adepticon Swag Bag.

This year's attendees like many other years received a massive bag of goodies supplied by many of the vendors. Mr. Rod Baer of Spikey Bits ( was generous enough to throw in some random mini bits bags, many many bags. So whadder ye doin wif yet bitz?!

I started by laying out the various pieces from the swag bag. 

I believe I have all I'll need here to make a renegade zombie servitor. Yes, a renegade chaos zombie servitor mutant.

I made him a base from my own supplies. Pretty simple, some cork, guitar wire, plastic tubing, and a tile patterned sheet of plasticard.

Now that I had a full idea of what I wanted to do I set about filling in the blanks.

Now all he needed was to grow some arms. Or not, and idea was born.

The only thing left was to let my brush fly, I quickly painted him up. Very quickly. But he's not without his charms :)

I don't know why Blogger has cursed my pictures to show up all at once when you click on one. To see him in his full glory right click the picture and open it in a new tab.

Very fun to do in an afternoon painting jam. We'll see what next year's Adepticon brings :)

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