Saturday, August 11, 2012

The press continues

I'm happy to say at this point in time the diorama is complete :) I'm pondering how to photograph it but until then I wanted to show off the main elements in an earlier stage.

I'll have pictures of the completed scene in the near future. 

Now that I've completed 5 Privateer Press pieces it's back to old GW for a bit. I planned on starting this guy when I got back from Gencon but hey, I finished the diorama early, why not work ahead of myself? 

This is the next Logan Grimnar I was commissioned to do..Since I made that first one I've realized how popular the old wolf is, wow. I could set up a Logan factory but where's the fun in that? Enough pondering!

I'm heading to Gencon in 2 days but I should be able to fire off one more post of some completed models. It's about time right?! hah, this has quite a log of in progress shots over the last few days. Thanks for reading and I promise you'll be rewarded with some actually painted models.


  1. Wow, that model is solid! I love the logan conversion, stronger model than the GW one!

  2. Your Logan seriously rocks!!! GW let Wolves players down with their dodgy attempt. Keep up the excellent work.