Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday Night Hobby Jam

I finished sculpting the Diretroll's missing arm this morning :) Once the putty sets I can finally get painting. My sculpting isn't the strongest but thanks to instant mold I was able to copy most of the textures from other parts of the model.

Last night was Wednesday and as usual the door was open at Kevin's office. The numbers were lower this time and I'm not complaining. Last week we crammed 9 people in there. Much work was still done and with a little elbow room this time. 

As the planets align.

I was kind of a hungover mess all day but I did manage to get some work done on the other models that will be appearing in my diorama. They still need that extra level but they're off to a good start. Since I'm a little crunched for time I'll be using true metallics on this piece.

Despite the setback of a major piece missing from the troll things are coming together. Slowly but surely and my final materials have arrived :)

Many hands tinkering on many tables. 

Well, I'm off to lay some primer on that beast from the top of this post. Maybe I'll snap some pictures of the Runeshapers too...hmm

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