Friday, August 3, 2012

Table notes: Privateer Press madness

As time runs out leading up to Gencon I'm going to try and stay on the wagon through this one. 3 entries down 2 to go. I believe I've finished Lilith off this morning, no official photos yet but I spent some time melting pieces of clear plastic and stretching it to make icicles.

Here she is just before attaching her to the base.

 Right at home in the cold wilderness of Everblight. Hanging below are some icicles I tried making from plastic cement.

The only touch I'm still considering is to add some drops of blood in the snow. hmmm..

So with her mostly out of the way I have 9 days to finish my other two entries. A unit of Runebearers are sitting at the gate, all trimmed primed and based :)

I'm also scrambling to put together a diorama. I've decided to depict the trample attack from the game. I'll reveal the models in time but here's where it starts.

I picked up a wood plank from a local craft store to start the base. I took it home and went straight to mapping out the placements.

Next a little milliput and bark was added to break up the flatness and create a frame for the base to house the heavy warbeast I'll add later. I decided to leave him detachable for easy transport.

Then it was time to add a little scenery :)

It still needs another layer of dirt and a length of chain attached to the three posts..I'm also waiting on the warbeast to show up at the local shop..

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