Saturday, August 4, 2012

The madness continues

In more ways than one...I was happy to receive the final piece for my diorama on friday. I was sad to find that it was missing the left arm. Thanks again Privateer Press, I want to love you but I'm scared now. I'm scared that when I need you, you won't be there. 

So what to do? Hope they ship me my missing part by Gencon? I won't hold my breath. I'll just work around it ;) My main focus is the Runebearers at this point but I did find some time to put my instant mold to good use.

I'm hoping this comes together well. I'd prefer to have the kit I paid for but hey, $50 isn't enough to guarantee that. Apparently...

We'll see what happens. In the mean time Major Tom and I got down with some serious painting on the real tip. Tom recently won Gold in the 40K vehicle category :) Congrats to him and he's already burning at both ends with projects.

 Here he is tinkering away with techniques and building an Ork flakk gun.

My goal for the night was to get some paint on my unit. Unit of Runeshapers!

They're off to a good start and tomorrow is a new day :) Until then keep painting..Unless reading is your thing, then check out some other bloggers and posts.

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