Thursday, September 8, 2011

Armorcast models finished!

This has been a busy week but I still managed to hit all my painting goals. The most important one was to finish the commissions from Armorcast. I'm happy to present the wip models from last post completed.

I also have three grumpy dwarfs that are completed at the moment. I still have to put the photos together though so more on them later, or sooner. I'll also have some commissions to show off but I want to wait until they reach their destination before I spoil the surprise so those will have to wait until the "later" as well. Sooner though.


  1. Great paintjobs !!!

    Quick 'recipe' for the blue and the metal please?



  2. Thanks Colonel! Sir!

    hmm...How did I do that?..For the metals it was nothing fancy just mixtures of black, grey, and white. Many thin layers over a foundation of wet blending my friend.

    For the blue, what makes it pop is the slight amount of purple to the mixture for the shadows. I've just been going for that high contrast look lately. When I sit down to paint a color I'll mix up 5 to 7 tones and have some of the colors I used to mix them up sitting off to the side. On top of a wet pallet of course. Once the blues were completed I was inspired by my rackham catalog to use some glazes to add purple to the parts of visible skin. I hope that helps and thanks for asking.