Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lord Morphus in progress

A few days ago I managed to put some more time into Lord Morphus. I've still been keeping track of the time I spend on him and he's just around 8 1/2 hours in counting assembly time.

Soon I'll take the final pictures of him and he can begin the rest of his existence as a dust collector. Mucked in with the rest of the crew being displayed on my shelf...I really need to find a cabinet.

While I was working on him my fellow painter Jake stopped by with some of his works. Jake is a master when it comes to display bases. His work is definitely an inspiration for me. He's the only other guy I know around here who is really into miniature painting. I'm kicking my self in the ass right now because some of the following photos came out blurry. I decided to still share them as you can see what's going on. 

Very cool and I've been planning out a similar setting for a miniature I want to get my hands on in the near future.

Here's a model from Anima Tactics. Very cool steam punk base featuring some watch parts Jake ordered from Hasslefree miniatures. I need to get my hands on a set of those gears.

Next pictures you see of Lord Morphus he'll be finished ;) I had to put him aside for the moment though. I want to get my combat patrol army finished in time for Oshcon, an event put on by my buddy Adam At the moment I'm only slightly behind on the Dark Eldar. Hopefully I'll have completed pictures of some Wyches and their Raider. I have three weeks until Oshcon and I need to complete 10 Wyches, 1 Ravager, 1 Raider, and a Venom. We'll see what happens...

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