Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moprhus, Chaos Lord WIP

In the midst of all the commissions it's nice to have a few personal projects going. 

I've had this guy sitting around since last year's Crystal Brush where I picked him up. I've had illusions of entering again this year and morphus being one of my entries, it doesn't hurt to dream. Anyways I put him together after watching the new Conan movie in the theater. Maybe it was a coincidence but I was motivated that night for whatever reason. 

Here's where he got to after the old clip & trim and base and reposition and add a bit here and add a bit there and reposition again.

So far so good, I really like the skeleton attached to the base.

Last night I sat down and watched a movie while I worked out a color scheme and a basecoat. It was nice having the movie on because I realized I could keep track of the time it took and I've never timed my self. Here's where I got in an hour and maybe 10 minutes or so.

Of course I painted his armor green. Kind of a cop out but I happen to like Nurgle and gross limey greens so fuck off :) I'm not completely sold on his skin tone though, I think I might try it again using some blue hues this time. I like the way the blue cloth fits with the greens and maybe I should simplify the paintjob a little bit and change his skin. I do plan on the skeleton's shield being maroon colored though...maybe I'll paint the severed head mounted on his back with maroon tones to drag the eye back up top. Hmm...decisions decisions. We'll see what happens...

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