Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Basing from top to bottom

More like bottom to top but here goes.

I picked up a unit of Forsaken Junkers from the Coolmini booth at Gen Con and it's about time I make some bases for these three babes.

I wanted to keep these bases somewhat simple as far as clutter goes. The idea was for them to have large features that complement the pose of the figures. This is what I came up with after examining the miniatures I had to work with. Some simple pieces of scrap I found in the mechanic's parking lot when I was desperately seeking a brake job in South Carolina. We were stranded but I didn't miss an opportunity to pick up garbage for my tiny dolls...

After gluing down some dried out soil I wet blended a basecoat. The colors used were mixtures of the following: graveyard earth, scorched brown, black, and bleached bone. Having previously planning where these models would go I made sure to leave the darker tones around the areas their feet would be to add a bit of a shadow and another point of contrast. For the metals I used Vallejo Oily steel, black and mithril silver.

Next some drybrushing. Just 2 coats, graveyard earth and a bleached bone/graveyard earth mix.

Then I applied a wash of Devlan Mud and a rust wash to the metal. 
You can make your own rust was by letting some non-stainless steel steel wool sit in some water for a few days.

Now it's time for some highlighting on the metals with mithril silver and extra glazes of black in the shadows. while I was glazing I also added some darker patches. Once I got to the highlighting process I edge highlighted the lower edge of the dark spots to make the metal look dented. It is scrap after all.

After they were finished I painted the rim of one base with graveyard earth. The idea was to neutralize the black line going around the base. The models that will be mounted on these bases will be painted with dark colors and I think the colored rim makes the shadows pop out more.

Now for the models...

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