Friday, September 30, 2011

Dark Eldar Combat Patrol WIP

Slowly I'm building up some momentum to finish my combat patrol. The event I want to have them finished in time for is 3 weeks away, well counting this week.( I want to finish my Wyches and their transport by the end of the week and here's where they sit at the moment. 

Punk as Fuck.

A few steps remain but I'm confident I can have them done by Sunday.

I started the freehand design on the raider's sail as well. At this point it's a simple plotting of light and dark to guide me when I start to apply the colors.

"You still don't have these finished yet?" You may ask. Here's why...

I'm also trying to churn out a Sanguinary Priest by Sunday for the wilds of E-Bay. I think I can handle that :)

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