Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hey Dogface! Instantmold Wolf Priest helmets tutorial

Recently I've been commissioned to build 3 wolf priests for my internet pal Noam. He, like Kevin, ( is an E-bay bits pimper. Sorry Noam I don't know the address for you store or I'd link it, why did I have to clean out my messages?! Hopefully these models will make up for it.

Here's the coolminiornot video detailing the ins and outs of Instantmold.

Great video, after finally conducting some experiments with this stuff I can honestly say every modeler out there should get their hands on some.

So I had to make Wolf Priests and the only wolfskull helmet I could think of was the one Ulrik the Slayer wears. Noam sent me his Ulrik to have my way with. 

I had to trim back some of the fur to get at the spot I wanted (hah reminds me of my days as a tattoo artist) Then I applied a blob of instant mold in a cone shape making sure I had plenty to cut through. The reason I used so much was so when I removed the mold I could cut my own key into it. That's the one thing they should have put into that video. It's hard to line a mold up just right when both sides of it are flat.

I cut a triangular shape into it so it would match up right every time.

Shazaam, 4 copies of that ugly mug. Always make some extras ;) So after cutting the faces off three Space Wolves(satisfying, I'll pretend they were long fangs). I glued on the faces and puttied in the join.

Here are the three priests, they all have magnetized jump packs too. All the pieces came from the Grey Hunters box. The crozius was made from the frost blade and the icons found in the box.

Now for some paint!

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