Monday, September 12, 2011

Finished Dwarf ala Armorcast and some local scenery

Here's the first of three Dwarfs I painted for Armorcast ( these models are full of character. The first one I'd like to share is this haggard old veteran. Missing limbs always excite the imagination. Is he a veteran of some long ago clash where he valiantly defended his Kin and future generations? Maybe it's the result of a life altering futon accident?

I'll have more Dwarfs to share in the upcoming week so stay tuned ;)

I also devoted a few hours to getting some new scenery done for the local store. There was a tournament on Saturday and since I was playing Dark Eldar I figured I'd get some of these citadel forests into the mix.

Also some barricades. I thought the fall colors appropriate for the season.
Hey what's that sound in the distance? Why is the ground shaking!?.. Monster!!

It's a giant Italian babe stomping toward the village! She's also a good sport haha.

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