Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogging All Week Day 3! Major Tom Paint Party

 After talking for a little while at a tournament, a  mutual appreciation/obsession with painting between Tom and I came to the surface. He's newer to the miniature thing having jumped back in recently and wanted some pointers on painting.

Tonight we got together along with Brother John, and I attempted to explain the fine details of paint consistency, light sourcing, and chasing your dreams.

The goal was to demonstrate a basic blending technique. I laid out 7 colors, three night goblins, and away we went on the spear heads.

Starting from the left the order is Tom, John, and me. I'd like to add that I didn't use all the colors and used my model only for demonstrating...

Tom was also looking for some pointers on models he had already painted and had some of his Dark Eldar army in tow.

I liked Tom's scheme, especially his wracks and trueborn. He has a great start on these models and I explained that a little edge highlighting would help bump up the contrast.

As I promised yesterday I'd have a picture of the White Scars Librarian all complete. Well here he is but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the money shots.

So as the momentum picks up I'm proud to announce tonight's theatrical preview...Enjoy!

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