Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chaos Theory

Lately it's been a blur of modelling, painting, and airbrushing. I've been trying to plan a post on something more specific but at this moment I'm going in too many directions at once. It's not a bad thing, as the title suggests, something will come out of this.

Here's a  rundown of what I've been up to this week.

First off I've bee commissioned to paint a Warhound Titan! Again! I've been working on it slowly over the last few days and finally arrived at a point where I felt comfortable sharing my progress.

Here it is while I was masking off the armor plates.

An hour of masking later I started to apply the metallics.

The picture above is of it's present state. Now it's down to many many hours of brushwork. I also have to get working on the base.

But that's not all, I've also made time to get the bulk of my unpainted Trollbloods based.

The only piece left is my Mauler. The plan is to base him up tomorrow and play a few games that night.

Wait, there's more. This strange design of nature is for Armorcast, rough photo at the moment. He's not quite complete in this picture.

While all this was going on I also made some progress on a project for the most patient person I know. I'm keeping this models identity secret for now as he's very far from where I want him to be. I can however show you the framework of his base ;)

That's where I'm at so far and the week isn't over yet. Onwards and Upwards my friends!

P.S. I managed to finish off my Epic Grissel Bloodsong. She'll be coming around the mountain some time tomorrow.

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