Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was searching through my bag of paintings and other flat artwork forms and happened across a painting I forgot I made. Or at least started.

I haven't made a two dimensional painting in a while. I used to work at a tattoo shop, for three years following my apprenticeship, it was a great job and made my illustrative talents twice what they were. The problem was I began to draw on autopilot. This happens to you when you're drawing something you've drawn too many times before. Something that you're not interested in. I started to run out of inspiration and was more often having to "force it" to get that drawing done. As a result of course I wasn't drawing or painting much in my free time. I wasn't making any art for myself. The only time I'd produce something that wasn't a tattoo was when I was being paid to do so. That was ok with me, it's not that I didn't enjoy painting, I wasn't motivated.

Towards the end of the shop's seven year existence I had won my first golden demon, a bronze in the 40k squad category, and through my friend Adam ( had taken on a few commissions from his friend Eric. In my downtime at the shop I would work on commissions. Thanks to that red toolbox you see on my desk all the time I had all my materials ready to go. The shop closed down and I decided to push the miniature painting further. I made it my job for better or worse.

These days I've moved my painting desk upstairs because winter has set in. I'm painting miniatures all the time  and drawing like I used to. Over a year in and I'm still inspired every day. There just isn't enough time to paint as much as I want to, plus my hands couldn't take it, and I'm loving it.

As always, there's more to come :)


  1. hey there! beautiful work you got there! might I ask where you got those little dragon minis in the last picture from?

  2. Always cool to see others inspiration and to see the environment they paint in. I like the paintings personally very cool.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    @Jan3r-The dragons are from Armorcast. I'm not sure what section they're in on the shop but as soon as I finish the last one they should be easier to find when they pop up on the new releases page.

  4. I got my today inspiration ready :D

    Great Blog!

    IM following you!

    You can follow me too ! I got a Painting Blog!