Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blogging All Week Day 5! Kor'sarro Khan complete

Here is the Khan from last night. All done and I had time to go see some crappy pop punk bands...good guys though.

He'll be popping up on Coolmini sometime tomorrow. Blogging every day is starting to show haha. Tonight's agenda has me working on some Black Templars. With their codex around the bend now is probably a good time to start painting some for E-bay. The Terminators were supplied by Kevin the Bits Pimp ( Coincidentally Brother John, having no need for the model, brought me Chaplain Grimaldus earlier this week. Thanks Bro!

I'll push away on these guys tonight and see where they end up. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's painting, I finally am caught up to a good speed with my commissions and personal project Friday's can resume. That should give me a chance to finish off Grissel Bloodsong and finish the basing on my Fennblades...Time will tell :)

I'm at a loss for good documentaries at the moment...However here's a preview for a movie that can relate to the genre. 

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