Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogging All Week Day 6! Tabletop Quality Black Templars

Even though it was personal project friday I still allow my self to work on whatever I choose, even if that is not a personal project. I've made a mockery of my own system... I was motivated to finish the Black Templars and sank another 3 hours into them to do just that.

I'll be throwing them up on E-bay this Sunday night ;)

My blister of Troll Whelps hung from my light the whole time and I felt I had neglected them. I had to at least put together one of them. Great models, I can't wait to get the rest together.

I got kind of a late start today and am still motivated to do some painting yet tonight. I think I'll pour a little more time into Grissel...Now ye sit back and enjoy the tale of the world's greatest DM.

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